Determining your Carole Martin Comfort Wear Size

Carole Martin Comfort Bra Sizing

Why Measuring Yourself Is Essential

You may be use to wear a particular bra size but every brand has it's own sizing measurement for different styles of bras. Following our size chart will help you select the perfect fit bra for you.

The size chart is only a reference. The human body comes in different shapes and sizes and sometimes your sizing may fall outside of our sizing.

Using a soft measuring tape, measure your rib cage directly under your bust and refer to the size chart.

For example, say your under bust (band size) measures 39.5 inches, the chart suggests you select size 40.

Comfort bras are designed to hug you to provide a snug fit. However, If you prefer a more relaxed fit, then choose the next size up which, using the example above, is a size 42.

Remember, all Comfort bras have expandable cups designed to fit B, C, D and, for some styles, DD cups. So, no need to worry about measuring for cup size.

Comfort Bra Size Chart - See Below For 7224 & 7228 

Size Chart 7224 & 7228 Comfort Bra

Carole Martin Comfort Bra Size Chart

Comfort Briefs

Stand straight with your legs together. Wrap the measuring tape snug but not tightly around the fullest of the hips. Record the number of inches and refer to the guide below to help determine your size.

Remember, the human body comes in all shapes and sizes and depending on your physical make-up, some interpretation may be needed to get that perfect fit. Fabric composition sometimes make a difference in size selection. Just because you wear a size Small with another brand doesn't necessarily mean the same size.

Comfort Brief Size Chart

Brief Size Small Medium Large 1X 2X 3X
Hip Measurement (inches) 35 - 37 38 - 40 41 - 43 43 - 45 46 - 46 50 - 53