All About Carole Martin

Carole Martin® bras are all about your comfort and freedom

Since 1971, the Carole Martin® name has stood for products of guaranteed quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The brand has enjoyed strong loyalty and became one of most recognized names in consumer direct marketing for a wide range of everyday household products.

Carole Martin® Comfort Bras continue this trend. Our mission is to provide our customers with the ultimate in comfortable bras – at an affordable price. Our proven, high value comfort bras are now available to consumers through leading retailers. And right here on this website. 

The Original Full-Freedom Comfort Bra™, with over 4 million units sold, continues to be the company's best selling bra. The unique selling features of this bra include easy front closure and a stretch fabric that fits any cup size up to DD - for a fantastic, free form fit. It’s a favourite of the full-figured 55+ crowd who value their freedom and leisure time.

In addition to the Full-Freedom Comfort Bra™, the Carole Martin® collection now includes the Full-Freedom Cotton bra™, Strapless Comfort Bra™ and, the recently launched Slip-On Comfort bra™. Made with a stretch Microfiber, the Slip-On Comfort Bra™ is available in a regular and racer back design for active living. Favoured by younger women on the go.  

Carole Martin® has always been known for quality and reliability in everyday living! Her comfortable bras are all about great fit at a comfortable price. For all shapes and sizes.


That’s Carole Martin®.